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Cafe Auburndale: A Pretty Perfect Korean Café

Even though Cafe Auburndale was probably the first locally owned café I've ever been to, it still sets the

standard for what I expect in any café: well-rounded service, pretty and delicious drinks/food, and an excellent studying atmosphere. Judging from what I already told you, you can be sure that I witnessed this café fill up quickly with people of vastly different backgrounds—from boy-talking teenage girls (literally) to entrepreneurial adults. Some people especially make a detour here for the aesthetic bingsoo, which I, unfortunately, did not get a chance to try because I'm a cheapo. What I noticed, even more, was the diverse seating options, cool contemporary interior design, and speedy Wi-Fi. If you're a student in Queens and need a go-to place to study or go on a date, this is your spot!

Service ✦✦✦✦✧

"Hell-oh," a barista greeted me as he began to take my order.

After placing my order, the same barista delivered on his promise to make my Mango Flower Tea Refresher in under 30 seconds. So: friendly customer service and speedy barista work. There was nothing else that really made this category stand out among what I would imagine in other cafés to be extroverted workers who will really personalize your experience.

Food/Beverages ✦✦✦✦✦

Featuring menu items from iced teas to Korean bingsoos, Cafe Auburndale stands out from its competitors both in variety and quality.

Mango Flower Tea Refresher

What I noticed immediately was the blood orange tea chilled with clear, perfect ice cubes. Yes—Cafe Auburndale absolutely delivers in making sure their products are made down perfectly to the ice cube.

Although the name contains "Refresher," alluding to Starbucks' own line of Refreshers, this iced tea was

so much more delicious. It was noticeably less sugary than even the least sugary of Starbucks Refreshers drinks, but it still hit the sweet spot between flavor and sweetness—you could probably drink this perhaps even multiple times a day without having to worry about getting cavities filled at the dentist.

This was the only thing I had at the café (don't judge me for being cheap 😘), but based on the reviews, I'm sure all of their other menu items are fantastic as well. In short, NEED NOT worry about the quality of your hang-out or date being affected by THIS category!!

Space ✦✦✦✦✦

What was most striking was the diversity and plentitude of seating options. You could go for a couch seat, a stool, a window seat, or an outdoor seat—and not even one of those crummy seats at the front of the store; this store had its own backyard with fairy lights. Great! 😃

Since I'm basic, I spent the majority of my time on the couch, only a few steps from the bar. As you can see from the photo, the décor is amazing and the floors were very, very clean—cleaner than a typical Starbucks for sure. I liked the white furniture with wooden accents. I also noticed a bathroom just a few feet from where I sat, which is a plus given that one can quickly develop the urge to piss after drinking caffeine.

But I HAD to go check out the other options, and I was absolutely stunned by the backyard when I first discovered it. It was really peaceful and had picnic benches, two-seater tables, etc. The only things NOT peaceful about it were the ants. No offense to ant lovers (if they exist), but I'm not an ant person. (HAVE YOU EVER SEARCHED FOR A PICTURE OF AN ANT'S FACE?)

Not to mention, the Wi-Fi was speedy as HECK like probably the best I've ever seen anywhere with dozens of other people using it at the same time. According to Google's Wi-Fi speed test, I averaged nearly 80 Mbps which is really good compared to Starbucks' 1 or 2 Mbps speed.

Final Thoughts ✦✦✦✦✦

If you're ever in Auburndale and in need of a chill spot to work or hang out, this is the place! It meets the bar for customer service and goes above and beyond in almost all other aspects.

Connect with Cafe Auburndale

Address: 192-10 Northern Blvd, Flushing, NY 11358


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